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Sonic Miscellany

audio grab bag

Do you have stuff you don't quite know where to put? Me too.

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BJ's Aria  (4:47)


00:00 / 04:47

A collage of dreamy musings and sonic acrobatics, recorded over many years, with my late friend and performer BJ Goodwin.

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Saratoga Diary  (17.53)


LISTEN:Saratoga Diary
00:00 / 17:53

A soundscore based on recordings in Saratoga Springs for my installation at the Tang Teaching Museum, Skidmore College.

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Mahler in Love  (1:41)

LISTEN:Mahler, in love
00:00 / 01:42

On music, memory and youthful passion, from my friend Ellen.

Eclipse 2017.png

Eclipse  (1:03)

00:00 / 01:03

Looking up from the street with eclipse glasses, Brooklyn, August 21, 2017.

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That Thing in the Basement  (4:07)


That thing in the basement
00:00 / 04:07

(Work in progress) The longest journey begins with the first dusty box. And perhaps some expert guidance.

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Sverg  (1:03)


Wolfgang and Jesse offer up a tiny language lesson.

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