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Kracow's Jewish Cultural Festival, Soliman Lawrence

Soliman Lawrence

Klezmer in Krakow

radio essay

LISTEN:Klezmer in Krakow
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In 2008 I recorded at the annual Festival of Jewish Culture in Krakow, Poland amid the charged and music-filled atmosphere of the festival. I asked tourists as well as Polish festival goers—Jewish and non-Jewish—about what it means to experience Jewish culture in a place where it was virtually absent for several generations. More often than not, just when I thought I knew what someone might tell me, I was taken totally by surprise.

The audio material for this piece was gathered as part of my collaboration on Odpowiedz... please respond, a participatory public art work with Hannah Smotrich and Erica Lehrer exploring the revival of Jewish culture and heritage in Poland.


Aired on PRI's Studio 360 as part of its "Post-Soviet Bloc Party" show.


Oy Division, Oy Gwald a Ganef
Erik Friedlander, Gate #46.
The Strauss/Warschauer Duo, Rejoicing

Photo: Soliman Lawrence

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